Democratic Candidate for Missouri's 143rd House District

Bernadette Holzer is dedicated to serving the residents of House District 143- which includes the Missouri Counties of Texas, Maries, and the western portion of Phelps County. This grassroots campaign is powered by the generosity of folks who want to see a change in the way politics works in Jefferson City. We greatly appreciate your support!


Bernadette Holzer

Bernadette Holzer is campaigning for a seat in the Missouri State House, driven by a deep commitment to represent families long ignored by the political establishment in Jefferson City. Her platform is a beacon of hope, promising to amplify the voices of the marginalized and bring forth meaningful change. Bernadette’s agenda includes pushing for better access to affordable healthcare and reproductive rights, creating jobs with livable wages while bolstering workers’ rights and unions, tackling environmental issues and securing clean drinking water for both rural and urban communities, and ensuring robust funding for public schools. Her candidacy is not merely a bid for office but a crusade for a more just and equitable Missouri, where every citizen’s needs and rights are acknowledged and addressed.

Bernadette's Biography

Bernadette Holzer, a committed advocate for a stronger democracy in Missouri, was born in Minneapolis to parents Frances and Perry. As direct descendants of Abraham Lincoln and his mother, Nancy Hanks Lincoln, the Hanks family carries a rich and fascinating legacy. Perry, a Marine, and Penny, a renowned gospel singer in Georgia, added diversity to the family’s background. Bernadette’s grandfather Hanks contributed to this tapestry with his ownership of a department store in Minnesota, marking a successful entrepreneurial chapter in their history.

Frances, Bernadette’s mother, an accomplished artist and former art teacher with a bachelor’s degree from Kentucky State University, hails from West Virginia. Her brothers, Frank and Raymond, pursued careers as a petrochemical engineer and Methodist missionary, respectively. Another aunt, Delaine, engaged in missionary work, residing in Argentina and traveling worldwide to aid those in need. On her mother’s side, Bernadette’s cousin Charles serves as a dedicated family historian, tracing the Learmouth family’s journey from Failkirk, Scotland, to the United States in the 1700s, adopting the name Larmon.

Raised in St. Charles, Missouri, Bernadette attended St. Charles High School and later studied music at Southeast Missouri State University. Subsequently, she obtained a license in therapeutic massage from Missouri College in Manchester, co-owning and managing a day spa in Mountain View, Missouri, with her husband and their newborn.

In 2008, Bernadette faced a significant challenge with the diagnosis of Guillain-Barré Syndrome, a rare nerve disease that left her paralyzed for three months. Overcoming immense physical and mental hurdles, she re-learned essential skills and developed a profound appreciation for life, gaining insight into the struggles of individuals with immune-compromising disabilities.

Celebrating their twentieth anniversary, Bernadette and her husband, Johnny Holzer, lead a dynamic life. Johnny, with Hungarian roots, holds a BS in Astrophysics from UMSL and a Master’s Degree in Atmospheric Physics from Johns Hopkins. Actively involved in various interests, from martial arts and archery to unicycling and mountain biking, Johnny is also a stained glass artist and a scientist who discovered an exoplanet during his university tenure.

Bernadette’s sister Kristen, a singer and animal lover, contributes to her activities, fostering a strong bond. Her daughter, Béla, a multi-talented individual, is currently pursuing her HiSet and is passionate about science, music, politics, and archery.

In addition to her family and personal pursuits, Bernadette is deeply involved in community engagement, recognizing the significance of assisted in-home living programs. Her advocacy extends to environmental concerns, reproductive healthcare rights, and economic strengthening. Currently, she is actively working on projects related to the Infrastructure Act to ensure clean water and a healthier environment for all in her district, embodying her commitment to a better democracy and a brighter future.


Bernadette's Gallery

Bernadette shares a wide variety of interests with her family including music, archery, art, astronomy, and more!!!


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